When traveling by motorcycle in Vietnam, you should use the following items to ensure safety and convenience:

1. Helmet: This is the most important protective gear to ensure safety when riding a motorcycle.
2. Gloves: To keep your hands warm and protect them in case of collisions or accidents.
3. Armor/protection gear: Different types of armor or protective gear will protect your entire body in case of collisions or accidents.
4. Safety glasses: Helps protect your eyes from dust, wind, and bright sunlight.
5. Lock: Locks will reduce the risk of losing your motorcycle.
6. Spare fuel tank: To avoid running out of gas when riding in remote areas.
7. Small repair kit: Includes basic tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, and mobile phone in case of minor incidents.
8. Waterproof bag: Helps protect your electronic devices or important papers from water and dust.
9. Windshield: When riding long distances, this is an important item to help prevent dry eyes and headaches from strong winds.
10. Backpack: To carry personal items such as jackets, drinking water, spare fuel tank, and spare battery.
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