The Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Mui Ne in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province is not just famous for marvelous beaches with turquoise water and azure sky near luxury resorts, but also an enormous sand area stretching to Ninh Thuan. The nature here bestows a wonderful scenery in these Mui Ne sand dunes. If you are wondering for an amazing destination to reach this year, you should not ignore this place!


The White Sand Dunes (Đồi cát Trắng), being 25km northeast of Mui Ne Beach, is located in Hong Lam Hamlet, Hoa Thang Commune. The White sand dunes are also named Bàu Trắng (White Lake). This is the second-to-none place in Vietnam, are formed by ancient iron mines existing for hundreds of years. Iridescent sand spreads like wild deserts with different shapes owing to wind blowing. In addition, the intrusion of sand creates many interesting scenes in these sand dunes. It seems to be endless when strolling on the sand dunes. 


One of the most exciting touring activities in Mui Ne is riding Jeep to conquer these sand dunes. This is one of should-not-miss sports games when popping in White Sand Dunes. The feeling of riding on Jeeps seemingly brings a sense of conquering and enjoyability. Many races are held by tourists as small contests to relax and entertain. The most wonderful feeling is that you can ride alone along sand dunes, contemplate the scene and take some photos. These wonderful “roads” will make you more cheerful or inferior to the nature. We would recommend you visit this site in the early morning or late afternoon to view the best scene there. One thing you should always remember is to bring along lots of water as you will really need it for the trip under the hot and amid weather. See more details of our touring to the sand dunes in the morning and afternoon at HERE


In case you want to experience the enjoyable and fun time full of activities, the Red Sand Dunes will be a perfect choice for sure. Activities to relax in this sand hills are quite various. Tourists can drop by the foot of sand dunes, gather with friends and relatives and contemplate the beauty of Red Sand Dunes. For young tourists, the special sand dunes are perfect places for strolling, taking photos and having funny time together. The stunning beauty of sand dunes attracts not just photographers, but also artists and artisans. Many artworks are created from natural sand here, which gives birth second-to-none masterpieces in Binh Thuan. Due to the change of sand's color in Red Sand Dunes along with the sun and wind, a huge number of tourists come here when visiting Mui Ne. Once coming over this place, you can reach to these hills, or stay for a while at the foot of sand dunes and enjoy the magical changes of them from afar. Hiking in these red sand dunes will make you imagine about enormous deserts in the Middle East or Africa. Experiencing in Red Sand Dunes is one of unforgettable memories in Mui Ne.


From these sand dunes, an amazing scene will appear in front of your eyes. Flurries will throw the top layer of sand and creates various and unique shapes. By dint of this, Red Sand Dunes becomes more beautiful. Coming to Red Sand Dunes, tourists have a chance to admire this “natural wonder” which changes day by day and hour by hour in the harmony with beautiful sunlight. Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne are so special because the color of sand changes constantly from yellow to white, pink and red, depending on the sunlight. What’s more, taking part in exciting games is one of should-not-miss things to do in Mui Ne. What can be more interesting than climbing to the top of hill, and then sitting on a thin plank to freely slide down to the hill’s foot? This will bring tourists a feeling as if they were flying. The higher sand dunes are, the more amazing you feel! You can book a tour to visit the Mui Ne sand dunes and the fairy stream.


Getting to Mui Ne's Sand Dunes

Outside of being extorted by a long-distance taxi, there are two options for reaching the sand dunes near Mui Ne: by jeep or by motorbike. Both transportation choices come with advantages and disadvantages—choose what is best for you.

By Jeep Tour

Beautifully-battered and restored army jeeps ply the tourist stretch throughout Mui Ne. These jeeps can be booked for four-hour tours which take in both sets of dunes, the fairy stream, and sometimes at the fishing village. Tours cost around $10 per person; a minimum number of passengers may be required. Jeeps usually depart at 4 a.m for Sunrise tour or 2 p.m. to catch for the Sunset tour. The drawback, as with joining other tours, is that you relinquish control of how much time is spent at each attraction.

By MotorBike

Riding motorbikes will give you a chance to exhilarate freedom with beautiful scenery. Traffic along the coastal road outside of town is extremely light; the road is flat and straight and easy enough for novices. In case you need drivers, our Easy-riders are always available to serve you. 

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