The Hai Van Mountain Pass- One of the spectaculary coastal roads in the world

Hai Van Mountain Pass is located at the border of Thua Thien-Hue Province and Da Nang City, and known as a part of the Truong Son Range. Hai Van Mountain pass means Sea Clouds. It is the longest pass in Vietnam with a length of 21km. This is also considered the most beautiful and the most dangerous mountain pass Vietnam on the journey to the South to the North over 700 years ago, the height of the pass is 496 meters above sea level. If you are planning for a journey by motorbike, Hai Van pass will be a challenge but marvelous experience. You will conquer one of the most spectacular routes in the world, the harmonious beauty of the clouds, mountains and sea.

amazing view from Hai Van Pass

The winding road over the pass has the lush jungle on one side and the sea on the other. On sunny days, the pass is a great place for dazzling panoramic views over Da Nang, the Tien Sa Port, the Son Tra Peninsula, the Cham Islands, and the picturesque endless white-sand beaches.

View from Hai Van Pass

There are some key points we will review in advance for you to stop to pose on this gorgeous zigzag shape pass:

- A large rocky ledge is located on edge of the road towards sea. Right on this protruding rock, there is water-drinking service and people here also prepare a rope to help you climb on the ledge. Standing on the cliff then overlooking panoramic ocean is true “number 1”. It is perfect to take commemorative pictures here.

- Close to the top of Hai Van mountain pass, there will have a folded-sleeve bends. Anyone comes this place also pose some photos for worth climbing the pass. This segment is quite large and installed a convex mirror, you can be creative many different styles to capture interesting photos.

a folded-sleeve bends at Hai Van Pass

- On the top of pass, there is a dividing-territory landmark between Da Nang and Hue. This place is quite wide enough to park several cars at the same time. Some water shops is rising up, you can just drink water, take rest while they can buy here. There are still some traces of a gate called Hai Van Quan, built from Tran dynasty, was rebuilt in the reign of King Minh Mang – Nguyen dynasty and there are a few bunkers (remnants of Japanese Fort) built by French military in 1826 to protect this strategic pass. Anyone already up to the Pass peak, also climb this gate and bunkers to take pictures as a souvenir. At the bunkers, you are able to shoot the zigzag path of Hai Van behind the beautiful frame.At the top of the pass you’ll find a few remaining fortifications that were originally built by the French during the early wars and then used again by the Americans.

Hai Van Quan at Hai Van Pass

Since the construction of Hai Van tunnel in 2005, the Hai Van Mountain Pass today is the ‘Street Without Traffic’. The majority of transport now takes the tunnel, which leaves the Hai Van Pass – one of the most scenic coastal roads in Vietnam – to two-wheeled vehicles and the occasional oil truck (both of which are not allowed through the tunnel). The spectacular Hai Van Pass is perfect for a relatively easy, safe and short motorcycle trip between the popular tourist spots of Hoi An/Danang to the south and Hue to the north. By the way, if you are looking for motorbikes to do a trip like that, Vietnam Easy Riders Group is a trusted motorcycle company in Vietnam !

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