Is it safe to ride motorbike in Vietnam?

It is true that traffic in Vietnam can be chaotic at times, but if you follow some basic rules and common sense, you’ll be fine. The best way to ensure your safety is to travel with a motorbike guide (you may be an experienced rider or not) and to follow their instructions. Wear all recommended safety gear and do not speed. When traveling on wet or slippery roads, slow down. Use the horn to notify other drivers of your presence – it’s not rude to ride during Motorbike Tours in Vietnam, it is expected.

How do I make a reservation for my Motorcycle Tours Vietnam / how do I pay for my Motorbike Tours In Vietnam?

To reserve your Vietnam MotorcycleTours, we request an advance deposit of 20% of the total amount. The remaining balance can be paid in cash (USD, EURO, VND) at the beginning of the tour. 

Do I need a driving license to drive a motorbike in Vietnam ?

If you travel with a guide, this is not necessary. 

Is an international license valid in Vietnam?

International Driving License is only valid as you live in one of the countries abide by the 1968 Conventionon Road Traffic on IDPs.

You can learn more this at our post: 
Vietnam Motorbike driving license for foreigners

How long do we drive per day ?

We aim to ride approximately 4-5 hours/day. However, this will vary depending on your Vietnam Easy Rider Tour program. We typically stop often during the day for photos, drinks, or short visits in the villages along our route.

Where do the Vietnam Easy Rider Tours start from?

All Easy Rider Tours Vietnam will be very flexible about the starting point and most of them are one way Tours. 

I am traveling alone. Is it possible to join up with a tour group?

Yes, depending on the number of people and bookings we have, then put you in a group.

I would like to travel “solo” without a tour group. Can you arrange this for me?

Yes. Most of our Easyrider Tours are private tours with Experienc English speaking guide !

What is about accommodation on tour? 

We carefully select the hotels and accommodation and offer you a wide range of great choices. The hotel we choose are clean, quiet, secure and comfortable. 

Although we strive to find good hotels with the best price, we can upgrade the hotels as per your requirements. 

What is about the food and drinks on tour? 

On the tour road, our guide will introduce to you the special features on cuisine of each land you go through to help you discover, understand and love Vietnamese cuisine. 

Particularly for vegetarian customers, you don’t need to worry, because of vegetarian food can be easily found anywhere. 

Your luggage:

We divide your luggage into two categories: 

- Large backpack: you keep the unnecessary items on the tour road, we will tie in the rear of motorbike
- Small backpack: you keep important items or used items as: documents, money, camera, sunscreen ... 

Note: For customers who have a lot of luggage (especially big suitcases), you will take the necessary supplies that are enough to use during the
tour in a separate bag, we will store this luggage as described above. Particularly for the unnecessary luggage, we will help you send directly to the destination, when ending the tour, we will support you to receive and transfer it to the hotel.

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